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Testimonials - New and Redesigned Websites

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"That's good man, from 1.2 visits daily to 25,2 visits daily in just 1 month. And without any paid advertising. Last 2 weeks we have gotten 2 new clients from web site, but a lot of new calls asking for products and prices. Thanks for all your support Andre! It's working"


"Andre, I was paying over $800.00 a month to Google with my crappy old website. This new website just works much better. Now I receive 3 times more calls and business and my budget for Google advertising is less than $300. I did not have any idea how website design can affect my advertising. Thank you for your incredible work!"


"Hey Andreeee...WOW. Listen, Yesterday (first day of putting website public) we received 8 new patients. Andre, I was receiving 30 new patients a month. And just first day we get 8 new patients. This is GREAT. I love it. Your marketing ideas are incredible. Thank you. I was wasting money with my previous website for so long. I am so happy I am working with you. "



"Since we built the new website, I quit my job, and now I have contracts I was only dreaming about. Man, I got 13 floor building with 130.000 sqft tiles. Hey, and the best part. I hired my boss to work for me. Man, from being employee making end need, to having 8 crews of people working for me. I just bought 8-th track and this is my first year."


"Before website, my business was 100% referral based. Economy changed and my business slowed down. I was talking with Mak Marketing Team (now Professional Website Designers) and they told me about all possibilities for online marketing. I honestly did not knot that I as a Painter can get business online. Now, I can say that 80% of my business is coming from my website. And, what’s the most important I get good business. My presence expresses my quality and the jobs I get now are high quality jobs."



"In the past 4 years I did not get any business from my website. Now after you built my new one, my business will never be the same again. Thanks to you, now I can control how much business I want to have. It is different world. This is the way business should be. Thank you and your team. You are true experts in what you do and it is pure pleasure to work with you. "



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